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Sileo App Download

Sileo is an App Store for jailbreak users which is an alternative to Cydia package manager. Team Electra is currently working on the Sileo App Store project making no more worries for those who have no Cydia support yet even jailbreak is served. S so simply, the purpose of Sileo is to fill the break Saurik took for Cydia development. To see more details, read the whole note here.

Are you ready to Download Sileo App store?

As the introduction itself brought up, Sileo is an alternative app store for Cydia in targeting all the iOS jailbreak users. It is now compatible 64-bit device models that take iOS 11 to upper and have jailbreak privileges. By now, Sileo has confirmed support through Chimera, Unc0ver and also Electra jailbreak tools. But for those who have no jailbreak rights for a moment cannot Download Sileo as it is only to work on jailbroken devices.

What is Sileo

Sileo is a new jailbreak appstore for iPhone and iPad.Best Cydia Alternative AppStore.

Features of Sileo AppStore

Sileo Allows to install jailbreak tweaks, apps, and themes on iPhone or iPad.

Package Managers

Sileo is compatible with most popular Checkra1n Jailbreak running on iOS 11 to iOS 13.3

Developer Team

CoolStar, axi0mX (Checkm8 exploit developer), qwertyoruiopz (Luca Todesco), iH8snow, jonseals, Pshycotea, nullpixel, Xerub, siguza, argp, gabe_k, jndok, Sferrini

Successful Jailbreaks
Supported devices
Finished Projects

Pros and cons of Sileo App Store Download

Sileo App store is a very important package manager update we have in the place of Cydia. This is important for those who have jailbreak tool support but Cydia is yet to come. This delay Saurik took to update Cydia Download for all jailbreak tools updated recently has made a big impact. So with Sileo that gap has filled giving the user the best tweaking experience as expected after jailbreaking is successfully done. Making you easier to decide on Sileo, here you are about its pros and cons in brief.

Pros of Sileo:

  • A wide Cydia Repos compatibility will be given to Sileo
  • Require no extra configuration
  • Cydia inspired interface with simple and easy to use functions
  • Confirmed security
  • Tweak developers re allowed to locate the apps in the jailbreak store
  • In the work frame, Tweaks that are not giving support on iOS 11 or upper will be taken off
  • Simple and supporting interface
  • Enabled safe mode with many options
  • Faster and effective loading compared to Cydia store
  • Still allowed to Cydia purchases

Cons of Sileo:

  • Requires jailbreak to download and function
  • The app jailbreak app store will only allow downloading and work on iOS 11 or upper
  • Device support is restricted as 64-bit devices but no other
  • Elimination of unsupported tweaks may bring some problems for app testers and developers

How to Download Sileo using IPA File?

Accordingly the jailbreak tool version, it takes different installation methods under Sileo. And here I show you how it is done with the IPA file.

  • Download Cydia impactor on Windows PC or Mac
  • Download the compatible IPA file
  • Connect the device to PC or Mac and launch Cydia impactor to get connected
  • Now drag the IPA into the Cydia impactor interface
  • When required, give Apple ID and the password to sign in
  • Agree with the expiry certificate warning and continue
  • When the progress is over, you are ready to use Sileo Jailbreak app store

You can go to sources at the screen bottom and enter URL of the repo you want by click on “+” and simply add Repos.

Checkra1n Developers

iOS 13 Jailbreaking via Checkra1n – Is This The Permanent Liberation We’ve All Been Waiting For



Checkm8 exploit developer

Bootrom exploit philanthropist. Here to bring iOS jailbreaking back from the dead. #checkm8 #alloc8 #kloader64.

Luca Todesco


Luca Todesco - iOS hacker

Luca todesco, famous jailbreak developer of the community is the lead developer of CheckRa1n Jailbreak.



Steven De Franco

Senior Security Researcher

How to install Sileo App Store to your iPhone with Chimera

Chimera Jailbreak is for iOS 12 jailbreak with support to install Sileo App Store to your iPhone. And as with its support bundled with the jailbreak tool, it is easy to install Sileo once jailbreaking is over.

How to install Sileo with Unc0ver Jailbreak

After successful jailbreak, you can install Sileo to your iPhone here by using Uncover. Here it does by installing a new repository in Cydia. So follow the steps.

  • Step 1: Go to Cydia and tap sources
  • Step 2: Go to “edit” and then choose “Add”
  • Step 3: Type http://www.pixelomer.com/repo or https://samgisaninja.github.io to add the repo
  • Step 4: Once done, go to search tab and search for Sileo installer
  • Step 5: Tap to install and make sure you confirm
  • Step 6: When the installation is over, choose “Respring Springboard”
  • Step 7: You can now run the package manager for Sileo from Home

How to install Sileo App Store with Electra jailbreak

  • Step 1: Go to Cydia and continue with sources
  • Step 2: Tap tap iOS Utilities for Electra which is the default Electra Jailbreak repository
  • Step 3: Now select the package for Sileo
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation and hit Restart Springboard
  • Step 5: Now you can launch the App Store from Home and enjoy

What do you think about Sileo app Store in the place of Cydia?