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Zebra app store is not another third-party app store for users to reach various applications. It is one of the popular places where companies can expand and bring up to date various mobile apps. The AppGallery and its client app for smartphones and tablets and that stand as AppGallery Mobile use by companies, independent developers and partners in order to deal with very own applications or else apps that previously purchased from the marketplace of AppGallery and spread out using group or user name. However, behind the Zebra app store, you have to take into account its operating system, device compatibility and a couple of further points.

Zebra App store as an enterprise app store

Not like many other app stores, the Zebra app store is a remarkable store for those who are interested in places where they can visit a heap of enterprise-type software collections. The latest version available for absolutely free to download and enjoy a perfect software store. Android Marshmallow, Lollipop, and KitKat are the three recommended operating systems that support for compatible devices. Moreover, downloadable versions are as follows.

  • V3.1.0.11
  • AppGallery v3.1.1 – Documentation – 186 KB
  • appgallery-v3.1.0.11.apk – Software 2 MB

Types of Zebra

There are a couple of types of software that you can encounter through the Zebra app store.

  • Drivers
  • Applications
  • Development tools
  • Utilities
  • Firmware or Operating systems and that dispatch with various hardware kits

Distribution and access of Zebra products - Products of the Zebra app store that we clarified above have been based on a couple of categories as follow.

Unrestricted asset

The Unrestricted asset contains software products and that does not offer as demoware. Those who wish to download them can find out them at any time.

Demoware asset

Those who presented their products as demos to the Zebra app store will categorize under Demoware asset. Because of that, they come with minimum functions and uses. However, download a Demoware asset can be made at any time. If a demoware will license, it will remain as a Subscription or a restricted one.

Unrestricted asses with login

In this category too, you will encounter various products that do not classified as demoware. Though download such products are open, it is compulsory to use a valid Zebra.com account to log in.

Restricted asset

Under Restricted asset, users can encounter products that are separated as controlled distribution. During an active service contract or else software warranty period, you can collect these kinds of products.

Subscription asset

Those who need to download software for a certain time frame usually go through this particular category.

Successful Jailbreaks
Supported devices
Finished Projects

Zebra App Store with Checkra1n Jailbreak

Based on the powerful checkm8 exploit by developer Axi0mX, the update of Checkra1n jailbreak came to the chapter as the new update of jailbreak tool. At the early preview of this beta tool, it has come up showing successful entry to package manager Zebra app on one device while Cydia supports the others. In fact, it shows iPhone SE running iOS 13.1.2 with support to the Zebra Package manager supporting through further tweaking on iPhone SE. And the other two as 7th generation iPod touch and iPhone X shows the successful entry to Cydia after checkra1n.

Zebra Package Manager in the place of Cydia

Everyone inspired by iOS jailbreak knows what Cydia is and how it is important for further tweaking on your jailbroken iOS. But here we meet Zebra as the new package manager for iOS with support to the checkra1n jailbreak making the jailbreak complete. Although Zebra App Store is nowhere popular as Cydia for iOS, it is significant through its features. So it Zebra app store will be updated with checkra1n support here bringing better compatibility through more devices.

Checkra1n Developers

iOS 13 Jailbreaking via Checkra1n – Is This The Permanent Liberation We’ve All Been Waiting For



Checkm8 exploit developer

Bootrom exploit philanthropist. Here to bring iOS jailbreaking back from the dead. #checkm8 #alloc8 #kloader64.

Luca Todesco


Luca Todesco - iOS hacker

Luca todesco, famous jailbreak developer of the community is the lead developer of CheckRa1n Jailbreak.



Steven De Franco

Senior Security Researcher

Checkra1n jailbreak release with
Zebra App store download

Checkra1n is now in beta and opened for public testing in the latest version v0.9.7. And fortunately, it brings support through Zebra App Store Download as the package manager together with Cydia. Zebra is one of the best alternative app stores you can have for Cydia. And when the Checkra1n is out of beta as an official jailbreak tool, we could be able to welcome Zebra Package manager download in an enhanced frame. So stay tuned.

Wrapping up

Those who are looking for a perfect enterprise utility and a store where they can wander to update mobile applications and dispose of software products can visit the Zebra app store. Zebra connects independent developers, partners, and enterprises with its vast collection. There are a couple of certain things to get to know before going through. Be sure that you are a compatible device holder and that even running a compatible OS version. Are you looking forward to Zebra Download with Checkra1n jailbreak or are you still in the side of Cydia?